Security threats are all around us; from targeted hacking through to opportunistic vulnerability exploitation, right through to accidental mistakes and mis-clicks from well meaning employees duped by a convincing scam. With the current COVID-19 situation threat actors are taking advantage of people's guard being down, and this is costing businesses when they need it least. Now, more than ever, its crucial to ensure all your companies computers are fully up-to-date and secure so that you don't fall victim.

There are five key areas to concentrate on to keep you secure;


Firstly ensuring you have a high quality and up to date anti-virus is the first piece of the puzzle. Anti-virus software can scan files as they are opened and downloaded along with watching for the behaviour of applications. It's the front line defense of the actual computer your staff are using so this is the first area to ensure is up to scratch. Freethought Services use a next generation antivirus which can actually check if a program is doing something suspicious and can put applications into a protective bubble to isolate it from other software until it is verified as safe. A concept we're all very used to now!

Email security

Email security is the other front on which security is fought. Email is one of the primary mechanisms of either getting malware into your computers systems, or convincing employees to hand over critical information or login information. If you can block these malicious emails that are often laidened with exploits then the risk is reduced. Filtering should be standing from most suppliers, but check with your current provider to make sure it is (and that it's enabled!). You need to ensure the filtering is able to not only block basic spam, but also stop rouge attachments, block impersonation (phishing) attempts, and stop email spoofing where a hacker might pretend to be a vendor or supplier or someone you would talk to normally.

Software updates

Update your software! Ensuring you have all updates to software is incredibly important. Whilst Windows and macOS updates can be frustrating interuption to your day, it is very important to do them as they often contain important security patches to plug weak spots in your software. Having up-to-date software is also a key metric in achieving the Cyber Essentials certificate, but keeping all your devices patched can be a challenge with people working from home, from other sites, or from anywhere. Freethought can help you solve that issue as we have advanced software to centrally managed all your hardware and proactivately patch it whilst you're closed so minimise disruption to your business.

Threat detection and mitigation

Sometimes even the best security systems just cant keep up. Someone has to be the first victim unfortunately before software can be patched against a new vulnerability. Threat Hunting is the next weapon in the Freethought Services armoury. Using clever machine learning and analysis of actions we are able to detect where a threat had got a foothold in systems and limit any damage. A key difference with this is the human verification of potential threats. A highly skilled person actually looks at what a flagged file or application is doing and works out if its all fine and just a false alarm or if something has snuck through and is about to do damage. With this unique and agile service you can be sure you are as secure as you can be.


Lastly, training is a cornerstone to a secure envirnment. Nothing keeps systems secure like trained and vigilant staff using the systems. If the operators know to be on the look out they will think twice before opening that tempting email, opening that strange invoice attachment, or double clicking that file.

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