Hosting Advice profiles Freethought

Freethought sits down with Hosting Advice to talk about how family values still drive the business to this day.

Hosting Advice profiles Freethought

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Hosting Advice in June to share our story and highlight some of the things that set Freethought apart from our competitors.

In the article Hosting Advice really home in on the best bits about us, from our origins as a family hosting brand all the way through to how those family values still drive how we do business today.

Articles like this are great, they dive into what makes us tick and share it with the world, our customers already know what it’s like to enjoy our service, but this article shares that knowledge with a wide audience. As the article says, we don’t invest in advertising and prefer to let our service speak for itself, and this latest articles from Hosting Advice shares all the best reasons why if we’re not already, Freethought should be your host.

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