When we heard about our local radio stations in York and Lincoln being taken over by the same multi-billion Euro international conglomerate, we were very concerned. A local radio station is a key ingredient in any community and the  replacement of 48 local stations across the UK with a single, generic national 'hits' station last August left a big void in many communities up and down the country. YorkMix also felt this way and on hearing the news decided to step in and fill that void by creating YorkMix Radio!

YorkMix reached out for funding and help with the new venture and we just couldn't say no! Freethought took the opportunity to sponsor the weather and multiple 'spots' throughout the day.

Here at Freethought we have always been keen on helping others and building communities. We aren't always about making the most profit or doing what's simply best for us and no-one else. Instead, we take a step back and look at ways that we can help others as part of the work we do. We have planted over 11,000 trees to date, we regularly donate to chosen local charities such as Lincoln Foodbank and The Island in York, and we see supporting local radio as just another way to help our local community. Whilst we do see a lot of good in this we wont pretend to be entirely altruistic, we do hope to gain valuable brand recognition and maybe even some new business, but the main aim is to support the venture and help rebuild the community radio station!

Join us as we listen in for the full YorkMix Radio launch online and on DAB+ from the 4th January!