Ethical Consumer scores Freethought 14.5 out of 15

Read about how Freethought's ethical business policy was screened and scored 14.5 out of 15 by Ethical Consumer

Ethical Consumer scores Freethought 14.5 out of 15

Ethics are an incredibly important aspect of business and the average consumer is not only increasingly aware of the ethical impact of their purchasing decisions but also making a conscious effort to shop in an ethically responsible way with particular focus on environmental sustainability, workers rights and responsible tax practices. As a business we recognise and understand how important it is for Freethought to ensure that we always operate in a socially, financially, and environmentally responsible manner and so we have a comprehensive ethical policy which outlines in detail exactly how we will ensure we do this.

However we're not content with simply saying this, but instead we felt that it needed to be independently verified by a respected external authority on ethical practices. With that in mind, we contacted Ethical Consumer - a leading publication for ethical buying advice and directory of ethical businesses - and asked them to asses us against their stringent ethical criteria.

Ethical Consumer subsequently awarded us a score of 14.5 out of 15! In particular, we received Ethical Consumer's highest rating for environmental reporting, and they highlighted our positive policy on use of environmentally friendly data centres as well as worker's rights.

We are absolutely delighted to have been scored so highly by Ethical Consumer; it's a real testament to how seriously we take our corporate responsibility to behave in an ethically and morally responsible manner and to have it verified objectively by a third party is incredibly valuable.

For those wondering the only reason we lost 0.5 marks was because of our use of carbon offsetting, the ethics of which are still contested. We actually offset very little as the majority of our operations are carbon neutral, the offsetting we do do however is not just tree planting, we actually invest in biodiversity schemes involved in reforestation where forests in the Southern Hemisphere have been lost due to human activities.

You can download the full report by clicking the link below:

Ethical Consumer report

If you'd like to read our ethical business policy you can do that as well by clicking the link below:

Freethought ethical and environmental policy